Filling the weave on glass/adding thickness to keel

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I glassed the hull of the C16 on Saturday, and am in the process of filling the weave.  This seams like a silly question, but do you all use roller trays or simply pour the epoxy right on the boat and roll from there?  I noticed in the video that John just pours and rolls, which (with all due respect) seems like it would be a recipe for runs and sags galore.  I've been using a roller tray, and have been putting on veeery thin coats (I'm expecting 5 or 6 should do the trick)... no runs so far.  

 My other question is about adding more glass to the keel.  I forgot to do this before I glassed the entire hull, and now have a full coat of epoxy over the glass.  I know If I were to glass at this point, the resulting layer wouldn't be too strong because it would only be bonded to epoxy.  Is the extra keel strip really necessary, or would I be fine without it?  If so, should I sand a little in those areas and then apply it?



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RE: Filling the weave on glass/adding thickness to keel

I think that I just mixed my epoxy in fairly small batches and poured it on. I had a few drips but that may have been due to this being my 1st time with epoxy and putting it on too thick in some places (such as the cockpit).

 As to adding more glass to the keel I don't know, but my guess is that you are not looking for streangth but just an extra rub area. I think you would be fine putting a layer ontop. Someone that knows should answer.

RE: Filling the weave on glass/adding thickness to keel

I reinforced the stem areas on my woodstrip canoe the same way- glass over epoxy. It was almost an afterthought when I figured I didn't want to add a whole bottom coat of paint.

It should add some strength, and more importantly, rub protection.

The thing I noticed is that even after sanding, I can still see wher ethe extra epoxy went on top. But I figure varnish should take care of it, and it's the bottom anyway.

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