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Hey all,


I am interested in the san-o paddleboards.  I am around 150 lbs, 5”9”, and a ex-college swimmer looking for a project to keep me in the water when the surf is flat.  I plan to use the board off the beach and in the rivers along here in the southeast.


Curious as to how the boards perform in wind chop conditions? Also what is the difference between the low volume boards and regular boards?


Thanks for the help!



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RE: san o paddleboard



I have not paddled one personally, but check the results for the Blackburn Challange (a 20 mi. ocean race in MA) and you will find a "San-O" in the race for the last 4 years.


I think his first year was '06 when the race was cut short by thick fog. He was one of the only racers to complete the course because he had started an hour or two before the Coast Guard shut things down.


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