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A reference to "armchair" advice, in the "Pocketship" write-up, has prompted me to share with everyone a tidbit from my youth.  While growing up in Washington's San Juan Islands in the 50s and 60s, my father, and most of his friends, built their own boats.  During the project, each shop was equipped with what was known as a "twer-mine-I'd chair".  This was where friends, or nosy neighbors, could come, sit, look over the building progress, and offer generally unwanted advice with:  "T'were mine, I'd do so & so".  The chairs, which developed their own character over time, got passed from friend to friend, depending on who had a project underway.  So, when setting up for your buildiing project - get the chair first!!  It's crucial to any boat-building project.

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RE: Boat Shop Equipment

This can double as your "crying chair" for when you've made a mistake.  It's where you go to sit and think about how you are going to fix it.  This nomenclature comes form Dynamite Payson's book [i]Building the New Instant Boats[/i], which is an entertaining book.  The first plywood boat I ever built was a little dinghy from that book.

RE: Boat Shop Equipment


I thought The Chair originated in Howard Chapelle's books as "The Moaning Chair," and Payson picked it up from there.

Whatever the provenance, it's indispensable.  The CLC shop has about eight of them.


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