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Just read a thread in which someone wrote they had done their own puzzle joints. I'm at a point where I could still make a puzzle joint on the deck of the Kaholo I'm building.  The manual frowns upon non-CNC created puzzle joints. In looking at the picture I see moderate difficulty but nothing too out of the ordinary.

What say those who have gone before me?



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RE: DIY puzzle joints

Is there some compelling reason you want to make a puzzle joint? I can't see any advantage to one. They'd be really tough to make accurately without a CNC cutter. They only make sense in the context of a kit, where quick and accurate assembly are the prized qualities.  Scarf joints are stronger, bend fairer, will not have any thicker areas and, in this humble boat builder's opinion, look way better. Puzzle joints absolutely scream "I'm made from a kit".Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

RE: DIY puzzle joints


it may have been one of my posts talking about puzzle joints. i built my wood duck from plans and experimented prior to building with different types of joinery. i had some scrap Okuome left over from another build so i made my own puzzle joints using the template from my dovetail jig. it took hours to adjust. the joint ended up being smaller than the CNC joint CLC produces, I glued up a couple samples then epoxied, glassed, and then did some stress tests and was amazed at the strength. I guess its up to the skill level of the builder, a well done scarf joint looks great. I'm toying with the idea of using a modified butterfly joint on the next build. here is the link to the build were you can see the puzzle joint being made and glued up.



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