Tandem Sliding Rig setup on a Wherry or Yawl?

Good morning all,

I'm researching boat options and have narrowed my list to the Wherry or the Chester yawl.  Most rowing (and fishing and photography) will be on protected lake waters and the sound side of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I also suspect most will be solo, though I can imagine tandem rowing with my Dad from time to time (we are on the light side so we'd come in under the max weight).

Has anyone any experience with the sliding rig ro-wing?  It seems that it might make for a smoother ride / stroke.


Any thoughts on tandem rowing in the Wherry (a tight fit perhaps?) versus the Chester Yawl (seems like I could tandem and take one of the kids, too).




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RE: Tandem Sliding Rig setup on a Wherry or Yawl?

My Annapolis Wherry has a row wing and it goes like a shot but I definately think it's a one (200 lb) man boat.  You might be able to squeeze in two 'wings but it would be awkward and I think the rowing stations would be off.  If the Builder's Club postings are up, you might be able to find someone close to home that would let you try the boats.

RE: Tandem Sliding Rig setup on a Wherry or Yawl?

Sounds like the tandem wherry iis just what you need.  It has romm and carrying capacity for two (650# max), you can rig it with just one rowing station, or two.

RE: Tandem Sliding Rig setup on a Wherry or Yawl?

I have a strip built 18' wherry with a custom sliding rig and the boat has no rocking motion induced by my sliding back  and forth on a seat. You get an additional foot or so of the oars in the water per stroke and, I put down one  of those cushy kayak seats that are pretty darn comfortable.



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