Black rubber strip !

Was at this years Okume festival and noticed a few kayaks had a thin black protective rubber strip over the  bow/keel....anyone know where we can buy these as very keen to protect our (soon to be launched) pair of woodducks. ?

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RE: Black rubber strip !

I'm guessing this may be what you mean:


 They work well although they are a minor hassle to install. You'll be glad you did though.


Ogata (eric)

RE: Black rubber strip !

I stronly recommend the rub strips.  I have them on my MC 16.5.  Put them on after about a year's use when the original glass, especailly at the stern where I rest it on the ground (read that as concrete, asphalt, sand, etc.) during loading and unloading on my car.  The epoxy/carbon over dynel does not have a mark on it after several months use.  The stuff is incredibly tough.  I also plan to put these on my Shearwater 17 Hybrid - now under construction.  Installation should be easier on a new build where I won't have to sand off the varnish in a small select spot, thus avoiding the "minor hassle" Ogata mentioned above.

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