fiberglassing Koholo

I am about ready to fiberglass the hull of my Koholo and am thinking about how the fiberglass cloth will drape on the bow.  Specifically I am concerned that if the cloth is pulled tight across the bow there will be wrinkles in the cloth on the hull.  One option would be to make a cut in the cloth at the front and to have one piece cross the bow.

Any advice will be appreciated.




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RE: fiberglassing Koholo

Hi Gl,

 Suprised no one else has answered your question yet. Your right about what will happed that way. If you use the corner of the cloth on the tip it goes on the bias and will streach and drape over the tip without any cutting. The cloth being a little crooked on the wood is fine the opposite corner should be pulled to the tip at the backend.

The same way they do kayaks with way deeper Vees here.

I look forward to seeing pics of your build I ordered one of these.



RE: fiberglassing Koholo

Thank you for your reply.  This is a great help. I was actually on my way to the garage to start glassing the hull and stopped to check this website.  

Up to this point the construction has gone very smoothly, the instruction manual is a vast improvement over the manual provided for my first project, an Annapolis Wherry. I think you will enjoy this one.


p.s. What are you doing sending posts at 2:28 in the morning? Get some sleep man!

RE: fiberglassing Koholo

Working the night shift so I can go boating during the best part of the day and the time here is 2 hours earlier than posted. PST is only 12:02

RE: Koholo

So rabbit other than the newpaper stuck to the floor how did the glass on the Koholo come out?

I opened the box on mine today plan to start on it over the weekend after I set up a table. Not sure what the instructions call for I haven't read that far into it yet.

RE: fiberglassing Koholo

Hello Cattail,

After a lot of fussing with the fiberglass I ended up making a slit and an overlap at the bow end of the boat -with a little careful sanding the overlap is invisible after the third coat of epoxy.

There is not much that I can add to the instructions in the manual. I found that I spent quite a bit of time having to fiddle with the wires to make sure that there was no twist in the hull (page 27) before tack-welding everything into place.  I was also a little uncomfortable with how the tail block fit. I  ended up adding a bracing piece (similar to the sheer clamps on the sides) where the boat bottom meets the tail block to add extra support.

I hope you enjoy building your boat.  Please stay in touch.


p.s What are you doing about a paddle? I have made two greenland style paddles - one from a pine 2X4 and one from a 2X6.  I am anxious to see how these work.  I am a little concerned that they amy not have a wide enough blade for the Kaholo.  I will be able to report in about 10 days if all goes well with my finishing plans.


RE: fiberglassing Koholo


I'd be very suprised if a GP works well on a SUP. I think your going to need a bit more surface area at the tip along with a 10 degree bend at the throat. A canoe or T-handle will also give you better control. You can easily and cheaply experiment with different configurations using 1 1/4" closet pole for a shaft and scrap ply for a blade. Then build a nice one with appropriate wood.

RE: fiberglassing Koholo

Hi Rabbit,


I bought the gray whale paddle they sell here the longer one is 88".

The finish on it isn't the best and I expect I'll redo it when I do the board with the same stuff.

RE: fiberglassing Koholo

 I'll be posting pics in this album haven't firured out how to post them here directly yet.

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