sheer clamp planing at bow and stern

I'm a little embarrassed about this problem...

I've reached the point where it's time to plane my sheer clamps to get ready for the deck, and I've realized, after having installed the deck beams, that you don't want the sheer clamps to run 1/4" proud of the hull at the bow and stern.

Is it normal to plane away the entire additional 1/4" of sheer clamp here, where the hull is so narrow that the deck will be nearly flat?  I don't see any other way, but if I do that, since the forward deck beam is already installed, I'll have to plane away a fair chunk of that as well, which seems undesirable.

I wish I'd thought of this before I installed the deck beams, which brings me to the second question...

Is it the end of the world if I remove the forward deck beam and re-install it maybe an inch forward of its current location, after planing the sheer clamps?

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RE: sheer clamp planing at bow and stern

17LT, I should have mentioned.

RE: sheer clamp planing at bow and stern

Having recently completed my Ches 17LT I feel qualified to answer this one!   The position of the forward beam is - within sensible limits - quite flexible, so removing it to plane, then relocating it within a few inches of its original postion will be of no consequence.   Just trim an equal amount off both ends so it retains its symmetric acros-the-deck curvature.   And just FYI, because the aft deck is pretty flat too, I installed a couple of extra 'beamlets' to give the deck there a bit of additional support, in case I or anybody else has to clamber onto the deck in recovery mode (!).   My deck is 3mm thick, by the way.

The 'beamlets' were cut from 4mm ply, about 1" deep, epoxied for stiffness, then just dropped-in and filleted on edge at what looked about the right spot.   The first is 3790mm from the bow, the second 4468mm from the bow.   Again, not at all critical, just wherever looked about right.   (I recorded these inside hull measurements before the deck went on, in case I ever need to know where - f'rinstance - to drill for a fitting, or whatever.   Saves guessing what's beneath).

Enjoy the rest of the build.


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