I'm building a MC 16.5 with my GF, we're having a great time. We are about half way done. The tips and photos have been a valuable source of info. Thanx to all who posted. My question- Any ideas on rigging and hardware for anchoring? We plan to do a lot of fishing, including Lake Erie.

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RE: anchoring

The folding anchors are great. I have 2 for different applications. I run a line (tied to the end of the shank) through an eye that I tied to my lifting rope handle to serve as a pulpit.  I also have a rope and float (rope length at least the same as water depth) tied to the other end of the anchor so when I want to haul anchor, I can just row over the the float and grab that and haul anchor into the cockpit. This enables me to be able to anchor in and out without ever getting out of the kayak.

For the 16' kayak (Shearwater) in dead calm water, mostly the wildlife refuge with a calm and twisting river, the 1 1/2 pound folding anchor works fine.

For my 21 foot rowing shell in the Bay, with wind and boat wakes and whitecaps, the 1 1/2 lb is insufficient. I just bought and tried out a coated 3.3 pound folding grapnel with a heavily padded carry bag and that has worked out very well.

For your MC, I figure the 3.3 or even a 5 pound folding grapnel would be needed.

RE: anchoring

My wife and I are about ready to deck our MC 16.5 and we are setting it up for fishing. If you plan on doing a lot of fishing, it would be a good idea to install an anchor trolley. A trolley allows you to easily shift the anchor point to compensate for wind and current so that you are always pointed in the direction you want to be casting. You can google "anchor trolley" for ideas. For my installation I am using two Harken 29mm cheek blocks and a small cam cleat to allow me to release the anchor line in an emergency. Make sure you reinforce the area with some glass tape on the inside and use a backing plate to mount the blocks. Keep in mind that anchors can be very dangerous...use good judgement when using them in wind and current!


RE: anchoring

Great question.  I've been considering what type of anchor to get for my Skerry, which I also plan to use for fishing.  Mostly in the calmer waters of the Delaware Bay in good weather, and on local fishing ponds.  I'll probably only be rowing in the ponds, but on the Bay I'll probably be sailing and I'm wondering how that works out with the Skerry?  Maybe it's not such a good idea to combine fishing and sailing on the same day?  Ideas or critics welcomed!  Best,  Bob H.

RE: anchoring

thanks for the feedback, I haven't decided yet but I like fishbusters approach. we want to keep the deck as clean as possible,but, I'm considering bronze aft cleats with line chocks on the bow. this way I could pay out as much line as needed. we could be anchoring in water as deep as 50ft. I'll welcome any more opinions and I'll keep posting

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