Sneak Peak

The following link will show you the pics of Wordsmiths yak.  I was lucky enough to get the first look.  More info will be posted later, just dont have time right now.  Check it out!!!

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RE: Sneak Peak/Water Stain???

Is that a large water stain on the deck???

I really like the paint scheme on this boat. Very well done in good taste!

water stain

RE: Sneak Peak

Beautiful job Wordsmith!


Ogata (eric)

RE: Sneak Peak

Thanks, fellows, for the kind words (phew!!) and especially to kayakkev for posting these photos on my behalf.

No, not a water-stain (I must admit it stands out on the photo more than in real life) - it's a combination of the grain in the gaboon (your oukume, I believe) and our finest quality Aussie sunshine!

Onto the Shearwater 17 now.



RE: Sneak Peak

I agree with the others.  Looks very good, now to get the bottom wet...!

Enjoy! - Ron

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