Planking and rib woods

I am in the Munich Germany area and am researching woods for planking and ribs for wood canvas canoes. A lumberyard in Munich has WRCedar costing 150 Euro for a board 2" by 8" by 12+ feet; rather pricey. My other research has identified European Larch as a possibility. I imagine that Russia has lots of cedar, but so far my internet searches haven't produced any local suppliers, if in fact Russian cedar gets to lumberyards in Europe. Any thoughts about suitable species for planking and ribs and availability, in my neck of the woods?

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RE: Planking and rib woods

The planking can be almost any lightweight wood that is not likely to rot. But the ribs have to be made from some wood that can be steam bent.

The folks who have the knowledge of Wood-canvas canoes can be found at

RE: Planking and rib woods

Thanks Charlie.

I'm a woods guy from Wisconsin.

I am befuddled though as to why I can't find any other cedar than WRC here in the Munich area. One would think that being so close to Russia would mean there would be an abundance of cedar to be found.

Below are a couple links someone may find interesting.

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