Epoxy cure time to varnish

I'm about to put the last thin  coat of MAS epoxy on my deck to make sure the fiberglass cloth is filled in. How long should I wait for it to completely cure before I can lightly sand it and move to applying coats of varnish. The temps here in the northeast average in the high 70s -80s right now.




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RE: Epoxy cure time to varnish

I like to wait until the boat is structurally finished and I've had a chance to try it out on the water. That way, if I need to change something I don't have to undo/redo weeks of sanding and varnishing. It doean't hurt anything to take it out a couple of times dressed only in its epoxy underwear.

But, if that makes you uncomfortable, you can try waiting until you cannot dent the epoxy with a thumbnail, then carefully attempt to sand it. If the epoxy comes off as dry dust, you're ready to sand. If it balls up and clogs the paper, you need to wait a bit longer. Based on your temperatures (and assuming slow hardener) I'm guessing 2 to 4 days.

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RE: Epoxy cure time to varnish

  Thanks Laszio! That's just what I needed. 

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