Will Mill Creek 13/15 hold a kid in front?

I have the opportunity to score an unfinished Mill Creek 15 for $500, which seems reasonable to me, assuming the previous work is well done. I'll be going to look at it this weekend. The hull has been glassed but the deck hasn't been put on, I am told.

We really need something our 5-year-old can ride in for brief paddles and I bugged John with a similar question earlier. I understand the cockpit length of the MC 15 is the same as the MC13, so to those familiar with both boats I ask: Can a 50 lb child ride to the front of the seat? I don't mean in your lap, I mean, can they sit in front of your paddle without you hitting them every stroke or dripping water down their back?

He's a big boy, and our combined weight is at the max paddler weight of the MC15 at 230 lbs, as I understand it. Another concern would be having the additional 50 lbs to the bow, which would make the boat ride lower (this is just for day paddle on a big lake with no gear). Anyone paddle the MC 13 or 15 with a child or large dog?




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RE: Will Mill Creek 13/15 hold a kid in front?

I'd nix the Mill Creek 15.  Although it shares a name with the Mill Creek 13 and 16.5, its handling is much more sea-kayak-like, with a similar stability curve. 

The Mill Creek 13 would be okay with a 5-year-old.  The cockpit is a little longer than the Wood Duck 12's, which has also been demonstrated to be a kid-carrier:


David and Ben

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