Crack Repair


       I have a ches.17lt that has a 6" cracked just behind the forward hatch. I was told I would need to sand to bare wood and apply glass & epoxy. I'm thinking this will show as a light "spot" on a bright finished deck. Can I use a butt block under the deck and just glass over the crack on top?   The boat has never been completed and so it is only epoxied now. Any help would be great Thanks.


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RE: Crack Repair

That would work, but I don't think you need to worry about a light spot since epoxy darkens wood.

I'm also not sure that you need to sand all the way down to bare wood. Sanding away just enough epoxy to give you a clean, rough surface would be good enough for applying a patch.



RE: Crack Repair

I'll agree with Laszlo, there shouldn't be any need to sand to bare wood to fix a minor crack like that.  Just get a rough surface for a mechanical bond as well as the chemical bond and you should be fine. 


Extend a piece of glass a couple inches beyond the terminus of the crack, just to provide the extra strength but that should be plenty.

RE: Crack Repair



           Thanks for the help. Sounds like a simple solution. Just to clarify te deck is cracked completely through the okoume 6" long. I also noticed the deck is not attached to th bulkhead. Should there be a fillett between the deck and the bulkhead? Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

RE: Crack Repair

Definitely. Otherwise

1. you don't get any structural support and the deck may crack; and

2. you end up with a wateright compartment that doesn't go all the way to the deck. You might have heard of another vessel that was built that way - the Titanic.


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