New 17 foot dory

After seeing the drawings of the new 17 foot dory in the latest CLC email I am desperate for more details.  Are there any "spy photos" of this new boat yet?  What is the beam, when can I get the kit?  How many places will I be able to take it?  

 Keep up the good work! 

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RE: New 17 foot dory


I saw this on the ShopCam a few days ago. Could this be your dory? I can try hitting the image with some enhancement software later, unless John fesses up and posts some better ones.


RE: New 17 foot dory

You can watch it being built on the live shop cam. It's the boat behind the Skerry.

George K.

RE: New 17 foot dory

Also check out the pix on shop cam Week of 2009/01/19.

George K

RE: New 17 foot dory

Yikes! That picture with the giant tongue depressor makes my wallet hurt. That's more epoxy/woodflour mix than my entire pirogue used. There's a boat that's screaming for a wooden stempiece.



RE: New 17 foot dory

Thanks for pointing me to the shop cam images. I am now even more excited about the boat.  i wonder if it would be possible to make it into a yawl, like some other boats of similar size I have seen.  

 I would agree with Laszlo, a wooden stempiece would be perfect in that spot. 

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