After my last coat of epoxy, it was a few weeks until I got back to it so I sanded the sruface to remove any blush.  Then....more stuff got in the way and I was unable to apply the next coat of epoxy.  It's been a few months.  Will the blush return after sanded?  Do I need to sand again?  This has happened a couple times and I'm concerned that in a few areas I'm getting close to the weave if I sand anymore.




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RE: blush


If blush happens at all, it only happens once per cure. When the epoxy is fully cured, it will never blush again.

Also, blush washes off with water and a scrubber. No sanding needed to remove blush.

What the sanding is for is to give the next coat something to grip. It's only necessary if the first coat has completely cured. Even then, just dulled all over with 220 is plenty.



RE: blush



Thanks for the reply.  I should be good then.  My initial sanding using 220 was after is fully cured.  I then went over it very lightly a second time.  

Thanks again,


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