Roof racks for Skerry

Is anyone using roof racks for transporting their skerry?  What system do you use?

I have a sedan with no roof mounts.  There are several expensive options from Yakima and Thule. 

Does anyone use these or other types?

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RE: Roof racks for Skerry

Here are the specifications the CLC approved Skerry roof rack from the CLC Top Ten Building Moments of 2008

Maggie out West9.  Maggie saves the Skerry
The first time the Skerry took a flier off the roof of the van, near Portland in 2005, the boat was a total loss.  Its replacement tried a repeat performance on a highway near Los Angeles.  But Maggie lunged out the moving van's window and grabbed the boat before it was dashed to splinters.  Maggie's cool like that.
Apparently you just need to drive around with a quick thinking strong girl :)

RE: Roof racks for Skerry

Cartopping a Skerry shouldn't be much different than cartopping anything else. If the racks are secured to the vehical and the boat is secured to the racks there should be no trouble.

I've catopped over 35 years and only lost one load. In that case the rack came loose from the truck cab and almost tore the top off my T-bar  when the whole works spun around. The boats, two,  weren't heavily damaged because they stayed lashed to the crossbar and the crossbar came down on it's end and took up all the abrasion as it was drug down the road.

Lately, I have gone back to old fashioned racks with suction-cup feet and wooden crossbars. The wooden crossbars can easily me modified to accomodate any perculiarities of a boat and the suction cups spread the load a bit. The roof on my HHR seems kind of thin. I made new longer crossbars to accomodate a sailing pram and  the spars and oars.

For something as large as a Skerry I would add close fitting wooden blocks to the bars that would keep the boat pointing in the same direction as the vehical at all times. Then all that's needed are two cam-lock straps secured to the crossbars and bow and stern lines. I don't use the hooks on the staps. I always form a choker at the end of the strap and slip it over the end of the bar.

 Here's the setup I used to to cart my sailing pram 1000 miles to Florida.   

And the setup for a pickup.   and

Those old wooden racks can be mounted on almost anything and the only maintainence is 8 new suction cups about every third year.

RE: Roof racks for Skerry

While a more expensive option than car top units, I find the lightweight trailer offered by CLC for the Skerry to be a superb way of transporting the Skerry.  It's bulletproof.  It's also easier to move the boat to the water by merely unhitching the trailer and singlehandedly launching the boat by walking it to the water.  It stores under our deck or would fit easily into the garage.  It's more expensive for sure, but it makes life a whole lot easier for this sixty-one year old.  Save your nickels and go for the gusto!  Best,  Bob H

RE: Roof racks for Skerry

I would never carry any boat let alone a boat the size of the Skerry without bow and stern lines. I use Thule racks and have a great deal of trust in them, but in my usual belt and suspenders always rig bow and stern lines. If the boat or even the rack gets loose, the bowline should let me pull over before the boat gets loose.



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