P O C K E T S H I P Plans...at last


We have finally stuck a fork in the PocketShip plans.  They are done.  There were minor delays...oh, FIVE MONTHS.  What seemed surmountable in a matter of days in June 2008 has sprawled on as I labored over 18 pages of plans and 280 pages of instruction manual.  Kit builders, who have been underway since August at least, were reasonably sorted out:  they got plans (particular to kit builders) and a manual in serial fashion.  Plans builders have had to sit on their hands and have shown remarkable forebearance.

On the other hand, it's all been done right.   Our colleague Janette, who designed the last four CLC catalogs and this website, knows how time seems to dilate with John Harris projects.  But she reminds us that "There's never enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do it over."  I am morally certain that no pocket cruiser has ever been documented in this amount of detail.  (There are nearly 800 images and drawings in the manual to guide you step-by-step.)  And all dimensions are in metric AND Imperial measurements.  That must have added 10 hours.  Who uses the metric system these days, anyway? 

I might venture the hoary old cliche:  It was worth waiting for.  With kits under way in four states and Japan and plans shipping, there nothing left but to organize the 2009 PocketShip Nationals.  I nominate Susan as class president.

Thanks again for your patience.  Now...for those Kaholo plans

PocketShip's Web Page

24x36 Architectural drawings

 Full-sized patterns

 PocketShip's Web Page




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RE: P O C K E T S H I P Plans...at last

Good work John,

Are there plans to make a set of the panel layout sheets at 1"=1'-0" for frustrated model builders?

woodcarver in Delaware


RE: P O C K E T S H I P Plans...at last

Pocketship Plans...in time for Christmas!

"God Bless Us One And All!"

 Tiny Tim


RE: P O C K E T S H I P Plans...at last

"Tiptoe through the tulips with me"

Tiny Tim 


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