Adding rubrail

I am doing the bright deck, colored hull approach on my MC 16.5 and wish the rubrails to be bright not painted.  I have held them back until the deck and hull are finished, but am now wondering if I will get good adhesion to the painted shear.  

 My intent has been to predrill pilot holes, seal and finish the rails, and then apply to the shears.

 Any advice as to what to do or not do to assure a happy completion of this project?  (The hull is now painted, btw, but the deck still awaiting varnish.



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RE: Adding rubrail

Your plan seems like a good one. In theory, rub rails should be removable (though I've never replaced one, I just like the way they finish off the deck/hull joint with a very yacht like look) Since they are not a structural element you should attach them with a good but not permanent adhesive like 3M 4200. 4200 will readily adhere to paint. Post a pic when finished.

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