installing fancy grab handles, hatch toggles


I purchased the Fancy Grab Handles for my Shearwater, and I'm wondering whether I should pre-drill holes into the end pours (pre-varnishing) or not. Guess the same question applies for the hatch toggles.

My husband says the screws for the handles are supposed to be self-sealing, but we lent his manual to a friend and never got it back, so can't check the materials that came with his Chesapeake.

Please advise! We're running out of warm weather :)


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RE: installing fancy grab handles, hatch toggles

I installed grab handles on my Shearwater by attaching them with screws that extended below the deck before doing the end pour.  Instead of setting the boat on end, I elavated it about 30 degrees by setting one end, bottom side up, on a six-foot stepladder.  The resulting end pour encapsulated the screws and sealed the seam between the sides and the deck using only three ounces of thickened resin.  I checked the results by reaching inside with a small camera and photographing the end pour.

RE: installing fancy grab handles, hatch toggles

To answer the other part of your question, the instructions say to seal all holes with clear marine silicone before putting in the fastenings.  Varnish the boat first, then mark the hole locations on masking tape before drilling.

RE: installing fancy grab handles, hatch toggles

Hi Curran,

It is recommended by CLC that all holes through wood be drilled, then filled with epoxy, and redrilled.  I prefer to do this before varnishing as I would hate to accicentally drip epoxy on a varnished boat (and I am prone to dripping epoxy).  After varnishing, I put marine silicone on the threads of all fasteners before they are inserted.  I haven't had any problems with this method so far.  Best of luck finishing up your Cheasapeake.



RE: installing fancy grab handles, hatch toggles

Thanks! I thought the answer might turn out to be "both" as I too am very prone to epoxy drips.

The boat (a Shearwater actually) has been moved to the basement so I can finish in relative warmth. Don't know if we'll hit the water before it gets too cold (Boston) or before our baby is born (December) but I am trying.

Thanks again.

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