Kaholo SUP & Windsurfing Sail


  As an avid sea kayaker, as well as being a long time windsurfing enthusiast and sometimes long board surfer, I am very excited about the world wide interest in Stand Up Paddleboarding. Also having built a C-17 and C-17Light, I like the look of the Kaholo and may consider building one. 

    However, considering that one of the biggest attractions of SUP boards is their versatility for flat water, ocean, surfing, and windsurfing fun, it seems that the Kaholo with an windsurfing mast box would greatly increase its fun and versatility as well when the wind picks up. It is certainly big enough to carry a wide range of sail sizes for ocean or flat  water cruising and with the addition of a properly sized retractable or removable centerboard, should cut up wind nicely.  

  Anyway, hope you give it some consideration and keep up the great new designs and kits coming.

 Chuck Rhodes

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RE: Kaholo SUP & Windsurfing Sail

LOL - it even happens for paddleboards :-)

Chuck, I'm not laughing at you or your idea. I'm just amused by the way that the phenomenon of no matter how specialized a watercraft design is, someone will always want to power it in a way that the designer didn't intend, also applies to the SUP. If it's got sails, add oars; if it's got oars or paddles, add sails; if it's got both, add a motor.

Have fun,



RE: Kaholo SUP & Windsurfing Sail


  I couldn't agree with you more about there always being someone out there who wants to modify how a design in powered. However, mounting a windsurfing sail on SUP's is not a new idea! In fact it was in large part due to the manufacture and promotion of SUP boards several years ago,  by several large windsurfing companies, such as Starboard( http://www.star-board.com/ ) that really kicked off the current SUP phenomon. They were striving to produce a very versatile stand up board that can be used for surfing, paddling, and windsurfing.  Even today a number of commercially available SUP's come standard, or with an optional, windsurfing sail mast box.  The beauty of the SUP is that one board can offer so many options including the ability to use wind power to your advantage if you desire.

Good winds, waves, and paddling too,






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