Filling the Bow & Stern

Can anyone tell me if there is a reason to fill the bow and stern with epoxy other than having a solid mass for the toggle handles?  I have the inside taped and glassed, and the outside I used carbonfibre tape to seam as well as for keel strips for strength.  My handles will be secured to waterproof U-bolts.  Do I need the added weight in the tips?  Thanks.

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RE: Filling the Bow & Stern

I would at least have something there to screw an eyelet into for a bow or stern line.



RE: Filling the Bow & Stern

I used small triangle-shaped blocks of Spanish cedar epoxied to the inside deck of the bow and stern, to provide wood for bronze padeyes to grip, and to reinforce the ends against whatever lifting force the padeyes might create.   I imagine that would work for toggles too--though you have to install them before joining the hull and the deck.  Otherwise you probably are left with tilting the kayak up on its ends and pouring expensive epoxy in large overheating glops down the length of the kayak.  That apparently works for the masters of the art, but in my hands would result in a kayak interior looking like a dozen candles allowed to melt down into gothic horror film-type drips.    

RE: Filling the Bow & Stern

I did install the waterproof U-Bolts before joining the two halves, and even used a fibreglass patch over the lock plate & nuts, so they are as strong as the upper deck.  I just dont know if I need the added weight for balance or strength in the very ends to hold everything together?

RE: Filling the Bow & Stern

You don't need to add chunks of epoxy to the ends for balancing the weight.  If you did, you'd be better off using a rock or sandbag, removable if you wanted to adjust the trim. The strength question I'd better defer to an expert: write John Harris, on this website.   One unasked question I can't answer is water tightness: if your toggle cord goes through the hull it should pass through solid material on the inside or you are creating two little portholes for the bow wave to force water through. 

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