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Are there any pictures or informaition on the anas acuta kit that is supposed to come out during the next year?  I suspect it will be S&G - does snyone know?

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Being one of the oldest composites still being made by Valley Kayak, I would be surprised to see a wood kit for it.  If it were to come out, I will be one of the first to purchase it, what a wonderful Greenland yak!

RE: anas acuta

I was also surprised to hear about the anas acuta kit.   It is mentioned at the top of the "New Boats" page.  If anyone has any information on it, please share.

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Man, if there's a set of plans for it I'm in! That's a first rate classic Greenland style play boat that'd be perfect fun with a drop skeg and a strip deck.

 Incidentally, my friend Tony Olsen figured out what that name means. It's Inuit for "Cute Butt." Remember, you heard it here first.

RE: anas acuta

Here's the reply I received:

Message: Hi, Just curious when you expect the plans for the Anas Acuta to become available? Thanks,

We're still working on it.  Hoping to have it together for Canoecopia in March 2009.  It's a tricky boat to design (though not to build) because it has a lot of subtle shapes---which makes it such a nice boat!  It's unlikely it will ever be a plans-only boat due to copyright restrictions;  it will be a kit boat.

John C. Harris

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