How much Epoxy do I need?

Just fitted the deck of my WD12 Hybrid to the hull and things are going well. I have filleted the hull, 2 coats of unthickened inside the hull, one coat over the glass on the outside of the hull and two coats over the glass on the underside of the deck, plus a few small fixes. Feels like I have about 1/3 of resin and hardener left and a bunch of epoxy work to go. Have I messed up and used too much to this point and how much more do I need to fillet the deck to hull, glass the seems, epoxy the deck with 2-3 coats and put another 1-2 coats on the hull? Thanks in advance for any help.


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RE: How much Epoxy do I need?

That's about where I was at that stage of the build. I bought another half gallon epoxy kit and it got me through with a fair bit to spare. 

RE: How much Epoxy do I need?

You have already used about twice what you should have. Don't feel bad, though. We all use several pounds of unneeded epoxy on our first build. One coat is plenty to seal bare wood; and on fibergrass inside the hull. And on your next boat (nobody can build only one boat) keep your fillets under 3/8". The extra epoxy won't hurt; it's just expensive and adds weight without increasing strength. -Wes

RE: How much Epoxy do I need?

^^ well said. Tis way my first build, too, and I can now clearly see where I used too much, made mistakes, had waste leftover in the pots, etc. I'm confident that for my next build ill be able to do it with the amount of epoxy provided with the kit. 

On the plus side, I may have sanded off half of the excess waste that I put into the darn thing. I just keep hearing John Harris's voice in my head over and over as I sand the hull... "Sending is fun, sanding is fun...". They ought to put that on a t-shirt. :-)

RE: How much Epoxy do I need?

I'm building a Chesapeak 18 and experiencing the same dilemma!  As others have said, you learn a great deal on the first build...and, yes, I AM going to build another boat in the near future.  It is fun to learn and, if if were easy, everybody would be doing it!! (as the old saying goes).

I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience.

RE: How much Epoxy do I need?

Damn, and I thought I was doing so good..............right up to the point I realized I'm well on my way to building a 200 lb kayak. 

Thank you for the help. I'll take it easy on the epoxy going forward.    

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