Shearwater 17 Class on the ShopCam This Week


Eric Schade is leading a Build-your-own Shearwater class this week.  Watch minute by minute as the boats are assembled---all week on the Live ShopCam. 

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RE: Shearwater 17 Class on the ShopCam This Week

I've been distractedly watching this out of the corner of my eye, with long sections of not being able to pay attention. But late this afternoon I saw something interesting that I wanted to ask about.

Decks are being clamped to the hull using stretch wrap plastic. Seems like a neat idea. I'm about to start stripping a hybrid Shearwater deck and wondered if this would be a good method to clamp that deck when it is ready to be glued to the hull? Seems like it has the possiblity to apply a more even and uniformly distributed pressure to the joint while it sets up than would the use of strap tie-downs as is suggested in the manual.

Also, I wasn't able to pay attention closely enough, but these S&G Shearwaters look like they don't have sheer clamps. Is that correct? Hard to tell with the limited resolution of the camera. If not, then presumably they will need to run glass tape along the inside of the deck-to-hull joint?

Perhaps I will find out tomorrow? ;) 

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