Petrel Play Sea Trials

Hello All,

Got my Play finished up this week and out to sea on Fishers Island Sound off Noank, CT.  I had wanted a light, nimble, tough, high performance craft that could keep up with the long boat pod at cruising speeds.  Happy to say my aims are nicely realized in the Petrel Play.  At 37 1/2 pounds it is way easier to transport and carry than my (now sold) composite Brit boats.   My back is loving it.  At 23 inches wide it is a comfort to paddle. I am currently fine tuning the trim and have installed a permanent skeg onto the keel to resist any weathercocking.  I built the version without the recessed hatches, as I don't need an expedition boat and avoided a pound or two and a few hours of building in so doing.

For images:

CarlPlay off Noank, CT

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RE: Petrel Play Sea Trials

Do you like the permanent skeg? I am looking at something similar for a 17lt.

RE: Petrel Play Sea Trials

So far, yes.  Without it in 10-12 kt winds on beam I needed 7 strokes on wind side to 5 on lee side. (I should say my legs are long, and the boat is bow heavier than it would be for most folks).   Jury is out on how well it does in 20 kt winds as well as how well it takes a bump on a bottom rock.  As I learn more, I'll report.


RE: Petrel Play Permanent Skeg

For the use of Archive searchers for " Petrel Play skeg  " : I had the Play out in winds gusting 35 mph yesterday.  In a small fetchless bay with wind on the beam I had to edge some and release from the water a little more out from the boat on the windward side to counter mild weathercocking - but nothng very strenuous.  Out beyond the point in 2-5 foot wind swells/breaking waves there was no weather cocking at all.  So, I'm happy with the placement and depth of the permanent skeg.  Keeper.

RE: Petrel Play Sea Trials


I built the 17lt with a retractable skeg because I was concerned about tracking. I don't remember the last time I used it.


This is a design that goes where you point it. Of course there are exceptions, but I would build and paddle the kayak before adding a skeg. If you already have found the weathercocking is a problem, then go ahead and modify away.

RE: Petrel Play Sea Trials

It looks a tad chilly there Carl, but that big smile says you didn't seem to notice.  Looks like you had a goos time with your sea trials.  Nice looking boat too.  

Hope you have many years of enjoyment in it.

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