Thanks To Wes

Just a well deserved thanks to Wes.  Not enough could be said that would begin to honor the insight you provide.  Been posting during my build and you have always responded.  Really appreciate your knowledge and help.  Thanks Again,


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RE: Thanks To Wes

Wes who?



RE: Thanks To Wes


RE: Thanks To Wes

Alright, its time for thanks and acknowledgement.

Thanks for everyone who helps make this forum great, enabling so many of us inexperienced craftsperson complete such cool projects!

I nominate Laszlo as Chief Big Man, and WoodOgre and Chris and Kathy and...John.

RE: Thanks To Wes

Thanks for the nod, Chuck. You are building my favorite design. Mine is an inch wider with a tad more footroom, but its performance is flawless under all conditions. It steers intuitively without a rudder, tracks beautifully without a skeg, and moves through the water effortlessly. The stripped deck gets raves from passing fishermen, kids on the beach, and other kayakers. Send us photos when you are done. -Wes

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