First strip wood duck hybrid

I'm preparing to try the first strip, and realized I might have a problem.  My forms have the corners cut out, as if a sheer clamp was planned, but the boat doesn't have sheer clamps.  So there is a gap between the top of the forms and the top of the hull (topsides).  The first strip can bridge this gap, but there isn't any form below the strip to drive a staple in.

Anybody else have this problem?  I guess I could fill the corners with scraps, but that would be messy.  I would prefer to avoid driving a long nail in.... 

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RE: First strip wood duck hybrid

You may be past this point by now, but I used wood door/window shims to build up a few gaps between my hull and forms. Easy to adjust to the correct thickness needed, then cut to width and hot glued to the forms. Worked just fine for the temporary tacking needed on the strips.



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