Chester yawl

I would like to know if there are any members living in Arizona that have built the Chester yawl that I might network with before I undertake this project. I have lots of question and would like to met a builder who has taken this project on. Thanks.


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RE: Chester yawl


When I built my Chester Yawl, I relied heavily on an article in the 2003 Popular Mechanics Magazine,  "Boat In A Kit". Found this article to be more informative in many ways than the CLC Builders manual. The article covers the building of a Chester Yawl from start to finish.

Sorry I live in Kodiak,Alaska not Arizona.

RE: Chester yawl

Just a quick note to thank Kodiak for his advise on building the Chester Yawl. I did research the Popular Mechanics article and you were dead on about Its content. Again, thanks for the info. 

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