Woodduck vs MillCreek

Having built an Eastport Pram a couple of years ago. I'm ready to try a kayak.

I've never been in a kayak but am looking for a boat that will be used in small freshwater lakes.  Primarily for fishing and learning the fundamentals of kayaking.

The Woodduck and Millcreek boats seem, to this novice eye, to be very similar.

Suggestions as to which to select would be appreciated.




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RE: Woodduck vs MillCreek

Wood Duck's faster and more seaworthy. It might be a simpler build, too.



RE: Woodduck vs MillCreek

I've been in a similar situation - having built a Skerry and thinking of building a kayak.  

I was also considering the Mill Creek 13 and Wood Duck 12 and had the good fortune to try them both out this past Wednesday.  I thought, as you mentioned, that these boats were similar (stable, easy to get in and out of, more recreational, similar size and weight).

Being in each of these boats was a real eye opener.  Before trying them out I had a preference for the Mill Creek because I really like it's looks.  But I found the Wood Duck to be both more comfortable and easier to control and turn.  I did, however, like the MC 16.5 with two adults in it but for a single the Wood Duck is sweet.

I'd strongly encourage you to find an opportunity to try them out before making a decision.

RE: Woodduck vs MillCreek

Well Laz maybe correct about the build if the MC includes a sail rig.  However, if you add a MKIIIWD sail kit to the WD then maybe the course is not so obvious.  Of course you could Cunningham the MC and add hydrofoils; that should add a few design hours – not to mention the debate on seaworthiness.  Or throw in a hybrid deck, or …..


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

RE: Woodduck vs MillCreek

I agree with Bob Santore. Try before you buy.  At CLC's Okume fest last May I tried both the MIll Creek and Wood Duck.  I found the Wood Duck much more responsive and fun to paddle, and in terms of carrying capacity (I have a 65 lb. labrador who likes to come with me) about the same.  I got the Wood Duck 12 kit, spent the next three weeks slathering on epoxy and sanding drips back off, and the finished product (even if a work-boat finish in my inexpert hands) has been a joy.  http://jockyellott.googlepages.com/home     

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