copper wire ends

My wire cutter doesnt get these copper wires cut flush on my CLC 17L kayak.. seems i would have to rasp every onew! the rasp also scratches /gouges the hull a bit. any ideas? is there a different kind of wire cutter that gets the wire snips flush with the deck? is there a better kind of rasp that diesnt get onto the hull?

Thanks, Michael 

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RE: copper wire ends

I use a belt sander with 80 grit paper, and a slow speed and a light touch.  The soft copper wire ends are easily sanded off without harm to the plywood.

RE: copper wire ends

You can also buy a cheap pair of small side cutters and grind down the closed face a bit to take away the inner bevel of the cutting face (see photo).  This will allow the face to sit tight against the hull and you can snip the wire flush.  As Ron mentioned, any small nubs will then easily sand down to nothing.


RE: copper wire ends

This is why I pull the wires, rather than leave them in. The easiest way is to tack glue the joints and remove the wire before putting in the fillets. If they're already bedded in epoxy putty, then a slow firm pull with combination pliers almost always works for me. When it doesn't, a quick touch with a soldering iron will heat the wire enough to locally and temporarily soften the epoxy enough to let the wire be pulled.


RE: copper wire ends

A pair of nail clippers works well for cutting narrow gauge wire and typically leaves a clean square edge.


copper wire ends

Don't make the mistake I made and heat the copper ends with a candle.  Scorch marks don;t come off.  This is one reason my Wood Duck is painted. 

RE: copper wire ends

You don't want to use a rasp.

Your worries are unwarranted. Some wire is not a problem. I got out 99% of mine, some remained. When you sand the boat, they will sand away and you won't even know you are sanding the wire. Copper is very soft.

To minimize metal and cut as close as you can, don't use a regular cutter, use what is called a 'flush cutter'. They work great. I didn't use one, didn't have one on hand, not a problem.

RE: copper wire ends

Don't worry about getting it close to the wood at all.  I used my ROS, and it easily ground through the copper like it wasn't there.  I don't think I used more than a couple of pieces of sandpaper to sand away all of the wire.

Make sure you hold the sander flat so it doesn't gouge where you are removing the wire, but as a reference point, I think dried epoxy is more difficult to remove than copper wire.

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