High Deck Petrel

I have just issued a written complaint to my folks for a factory defect which won´t allow me to fit in a Petrel. One of the most beautiful kayaks i´ve ever seen!

I have size 12.5 shoes and the Petrel will only accept size 11 max.

My question: what would it take to build a Petrel with a high deck that would automatically give me that little bit of space to squeeze in my obviously oversize feet?

Thanks all for any input.


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RE: High Deck Petrel

I suppose with nobody answering, this is just a pipe dream from my side.

Best regards from Portugal and a very Merry Christmas to all.


RE: High Deck Petrel

Go to Nick Schade's website and ask him. You might be able to raise the deck a bit or enlarge the whole boat a few percent. -Wes

RE: High Deck Petrel

Hi Wes,

Thanks for the feedback. I´ll contact Nick personally and see what he says.


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