page 52 of Peeler building manual

After round 2 of filleting and the 3" fg tape is in place over the uncured fillet, is that the time to saturate the tape with epoxy or do you let it all cure first? And is it just one coat at this point?  Thanks, Ken. 

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RE: page 52 of Peeler building manual

On page 52 John tells us that the tape is carefully layed into the fresh fillet and saturated with unthickened epoxy. You need to have everything precut and ready. You can do these steps in sections, Transom, bottom seams, bow etc. on different days. I never try to fillet and tape the whole boat in one session anymore, though many folks do. If you let the fillet harden before you lay in the tape, be prepared to spend hours sanding the fillets with 40 and 80 grit sandpaper until they are smooth enough to lay on the tape.

RE: page 52 of Peeler building manual

Thanks Robert, I've gone through the manual a few times. Am I correct,, the big seat is fitted in sections on the boat but the puzzle joints are done flat on the work bench before installation.  Thanks, Ken.

RE: page 52 of Peeler building manual


John shows a photo of a "trial fit" of one rear seat sections on the bulkheads. But -If you fit the three pieces individually - you will then not get the puzzle joints to align correctly. I assembled the three pieces of the rear seat on the work table before fitting. Then it took about 3 or 4 hours to carefully fit the slots in the seat to the ears on the bulkheads. It also required cutting down the seat edges where they meet the hull with a block plane a bit until they lay flat across the seat fronts and met the hull sides level. This is a two person job requiring frequent lifting out of the seat. It seems that you will get one side perfect and the other side will ride up. Then see-saw back and forth until both sides lay perfect. What ever you do make sure the seats lay flat across the edges of the bukheads and seat fronts before you epoxy them in place.

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