Skim coat advice

I am finally nearing the end on my build, but still have a boat load of sanding to go! I'm looking for advice on getting the best skim coat epoxy finish possible. Suggestions?

I'm getting better but have been heavy handed with epoxy. I plan to use a paint tray rather than ppour on the boat then spread.

I've tried using rollers boat they seem to induce bubbles in the finish. Smooth out with a plastic spreader?

My last coat of epoxy remained slightly tacky. I've gotten new pumps after a year of building to make sure the resin/hardener ratio is correct. Any other thoughts?

Please help me get the best finish possible. Varnish tips too please.


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RE: Skim coat advice

Keep using the rollers, roll on a thin coat and tip it with a foam brush to get rid of the bubbles.

Pay attention to the temperature. Too cold will make the epoxy take a long time to cure.



RE: Skim coat advice

Check out this thread that is for building the Kaholo but has some very clever tips including tips on the skin coat.  You will find it towards the end of the build, about page 10, 11...  He rolled on several thin coats and talks about dealing with the bubbles.

RE: Skim coat -- will it fill tiny dimples or do I keep sanding?

Thx for these tips on skim coat. Doing sanding just prior, and want to know -- how much sanding is enough? Will skim fill tiny dimples? I'm at 150 grit and in spots epoxy is getting thin, but there is still light shiny dimpling.


Image on Dropbox at :


thanks for advice/insights.

RE: Skim coat advice

In our quest for perfection, we forget that we are building boats, not fine furniture. Once you launch, your boat will get scratched, dinged, dirty, and faded, but it will always look good from a few feet away. The little imperfections that bother you now will never be noticed by anyone else.


RE: Skim coat advice

I'd be happy to get the varnish on at this stage. It will will look spectacular when you do.

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