thanks and more questions

First I want to thank those who have helped me and those that will help me here while building my Mill Creek 16.6.

Now about seats. This is a two place boat which will be used as a single quite a bite. I want to have the rear seat easily movable towards the center of the boat. I was thinking about wood rails on the floor with u-channel aluminum mounted on the seat so the channel straddles the rail with a couple of pins to hold it in place.

1. I weigh 200 pounds. Do you think the rails just epoxied to the bottom will be strong enough or should I use screws through the bottom to hold it?

2. How far back from the bow should the single position be located?

The seats back rest will rotate to horizontal so I can sit on that when fishing.


Thanks again,




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RE: thanks and more questions

Epoxy is stronger than the wood in this case so screws are no advantage.

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