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Hello everyone, I have two beutifull daughters that I would like to build yaks for , they are 10 years and 8 years old, they enjoy paddling the very wide recreational plastic sit on top at the moment but there really starting to get into it, Im thinking maybee a couple of wood ducks or the kids gynmeade looks really good to, just thought I would post my thoughts and hope there might be a few dads out there that have been down the same road andc ould ofer up some of there wisdom

cheers Locky

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RE: kids yak

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RE: kids yak

I built a wood duckling for my daughters, currently 4 and 6. It's fantastic, and is good up to 7 stone. As they are tiny, it will probably do into teens. There are some pics here . . It's safe and stable enough, with a cockpit they can leap out of. It's a proper kayak, tracks so they can learn to control it, but still manoeuvrable enough to get around a duckpond.

RE: kids yak

Thank you for the replys and the information, a couple of great looking boats there, much appreciated,

cheers Locky..

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