Cold weather storage question

I live in Connecticut near the coast. Last winter I stored my Wood Duck hybrid in the basement.  But since I plan to build a second boat this winter, I need all the room I can get.  I have a detached garage with no heat or insulation.  The boat will be off the floor and dry.

Would cold weather (often below freezing at night) have any ill effects on the boat?

Thanks in advance for responses.


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RE: Cold weather storage question

short answer no.  I have stored an paddled WD12 through Canadian winters, in temps well below the freezing point.  She will expand/contract with the chang in temp, my understanding is the rapid changes that are an issue, ie taking her out of that nice warm basement into the sub freezing.

Now go out and buy a dry suit and enjoy the  glory that is winter paddling!!! :-D

RE: Cold weather storage question

Thanks Dave. 

Thought of buying a dry suit, but decided to put the money toward my next build.

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