Sea Island Sport

Hi, I'm just about to start this build have sourced the plywood etc. but I'm having problems getting 1.4m wide cloth here in New Zealand, can I do the hull in 2 peices 760mm wide and overlap down the center.


Thanks Ian.

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RE: Sea Island Sport

Hi Ian,

I had the same problem here in Portugal. It is no problem to use this size of cloth. It just involves a little bit more sanding to feather the overlap of the cloths.

I used a carbide scraper to remove the bulk of the joint and once i had the weave filled-in, I used 40 paper on my sander and it quickly disappeared. I cannot feel it with my fingers so I think once I put on the varnish, no-one can tell that there is an overlap there.

P.S. Using the two pieces of cloth also gives you extra protection along the keel line.

Cheers, Fernando

RE: Sea Island Sport

Thanks for your reply Fernando, I was thinking that would be the case just wanted a second opinion.


Cheers Ian

RE: Sea Island Sport

   1 meter wide  is enough to cover hull

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