Northeaster Dory weight?

I was at the CLC demo on Lake Natoma last week, very interested in the NE Dory. We have an old Grumman canoe that we van-top a lot, so we're used to lifting 75-80 lbs., but the demo boat seemed much heavier than that. The NE Dory page here says 100 lbs, but this seemed w-a-a-y more! I have a bunch of questions:


1. Does anyone know the actual weight of the particular NE Dory that CLC takes out on demos and whether it is especially overbuilt? (Extra layers of 'glass, thicker ply or a heavier species of ply, anything like that?) Or could it just be so banged up from demos that it's absorbed water?


2. The demo Dory had a centerboard trunk, mast step, and mast partner. How much weight does the sailing gear add? 


3. Is there anything special that could be done to reduce the weight of a NE Dory during construction? 


I liked the boat a lot, liked its looks and the way it rowed. But I was specifically looking for something we could cartop, and as it was, the demo boat was just too heavy for the two of us to lift onto a Dodge Caravan. If we can't get the weight of the NE Dory down to something manageable, can someone recommend an alternative boat (CLC or ???) that rows and sails well, roomy enough for two tall, relatively thin adults to sprawl on the bottom, and light enough for two 60+ old farts to lift onto the top of a minivan? FWIW, we don't really need the sturdiness of the NE Dory - it seems built like a tank - or the 800 lbs of capacity. But room for two to sail and two rowing stations are highly desireable.


Even the PM Dinghy page says 90 lbs...



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RE: Northeaster Dory weight?

It depends on the wood. I used Hydo-Tek and I'm told it's 70% heavier than Okume. so my payload goes from 800lbs to 730lbs. I wanted to cartop it too, at 100lbs It's doable at 170 not!

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