What is a good way to attach a Skerry's bow to a trailer?

Any ideas on the best way to secure the bow of a Skerry to a trailer?  I plan to use the trailer's boat winch--not because I need it to haul the little boat onto the trailer, but "because it is there" and I think it's a good way to make sure the bow stays in place while traveling. I have a pad eye mounted near the tip of the breasthook and a short bit of line run from there to the winch hook, but I don't like securing it that way--will definitely mar the finish.

I'm going to search the forum and pictures to see if anyone has come up with an idea.  Perhaps there is some kind of eye I can attach to the stem end with a plate on the inside so I don't rip a big hole in the boat.  I've seen some boats with holes in the bow and some kind of black plastic inserts, but I'm not sure I want to use that method, unless I get feedback assuring me that is the best way.  If so, where do I find the inserts/grommets?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  In the meantime I'll search and see what I can find out.

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RE: What is a good way to attach a Skerry's bow to a trailer?

Following up, I found two pictures of the holes and grommets I mentioned above in the Skerry gallery.  The pictures were from Steve Bloom, and from Neil Moomey of Anchorage Alaska.  If anyone knows how to get hold of either of these guys I'd appreciate it.

By the way, Neil, I didn't exactly steal your color scheme.  I was thinking of something very much like it and when I ran across the picture of your boat, that was it!  I have to admit I copied it from that point, except for the dental work.   Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or something to that effect.

RE: What is a good way to attach a Skerry's bow to a trailer?

Well now I have found a Bow Eye Security Loop, 1-1/16" on the CLC site.  This is used on the Pocketship, and seems like a good solution for the Skerry if the stem end is stout enough.  Any thoughts?

RE: What is a good way to attach a Skerry's bow to a trailer?

Inside the bow, at the stem, bed a thick piece of wood in epoxy/woodflour putty to back up the bow eye.

Use the drill-fill-drill method when adding the holes. If it leaks, use a marine sealant, too.

If you can stand the idea of a piece of stainless steel on the front of your boat, this is definitely the way to go.



RE: What is a good way to attach a Skerry's bow to a trailer?

Thanks Lazlo. 

I think stainless steel will look OK since the hull is painted white. 

I'll have to modify your recommendation a little since the boat is already painted inside and out.  I will use the drill-fill-drill method on the stem, but then scuff up the paint on the inside and glue the wood backup in place with silicone sealer. 

After drilling the holes on through into the wood backup, I'll fill in with silicone sealer before putting in the bow eye.  This should protect everything pretty well. 

The only time it should get very wet there is when I capsize, but no water will get into the plywood.  The wood backup will get wet, but it'll dry quickly and is easy to replace if ever necessary.  I'll put some varnish on it also.

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