Order of Operations

I am building a wherry and have glassed the inside and the outside of the hull.  The bulkheads are in and I have dry fitted all the other interior components (knees, seats, etc.).  I want to fill the weave and sand and seal (with unthickened epoxy) the hull before gluing in aforementioned parts.  This is a slight modification of the order stated in the manual.  It seems easier to sand and seal the hull before fitting seats, etc.  Am I wrong?  Any caveats?  Thanks in advance.


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RE: Order of Operations

I built a Wherry last season, and can't think of any reason why your proposed order would be a problem, but I'm not sure you will end up with the over all process being any easier.   If your epoxy cures (couple days), you will have to sand the surfaces where the seat fillets will go to get the good chemical bond.


RE: Order of Operations

I thought it might be easier to sand and seal the bulkheads and hull without having to work around seats, etc.  I hadn't considered the need to prime or size the already cured epoxy to achieve the chemical bond required.  Thanks for the advice.


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