Temporary Bulkhead Attachment

Summer is passing quickly and I'm getting to the point I want to get my kayak out on the water.  I've resolved to doing my hatches this winter.  I'd like to put my bulkheads in but only temporary.

Does anyone have a good idea on what to use to fasten my bulkheads for just for a couple times out on the water.

I used a glue gun on the kayak forms and it worked well except it was a pain in the but breaking the glue loose and getting the stuff off the wood.

Would silicone be a good option?

Any ideas, thanks.


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RE: Temporary Bulkhead Attachment

I'm thinking of making a forward removable bulkhead for my Wood Duck 12 out of minicel foam.  The idea would be that I would carve it to fit snug, wedge it in forward until it sticks, and then pull it out after paddling to dry out the bow area since there is no forward hatch (I'll put a pull handle on it).  I'm trying to get some buoyancy in the front of the boat just in case someone dumps since I'm planning to take some beginners out for a first try at kayaking.  You might try something like this, at least for the forward bulkhead, if you don't want to put in the wooden ones.  Not sure how it would work for the back bulkhead since this method relies on a wedged-in fit. 

Silicone would likely work for the wood bulkheads, but you'd want to get it all off before you fiberglassed the wooden bulkheads in permanently after summer paddling is over, and that can be a chore since it doesn't really sand well.



RE: Temporary Bulkhead Attachment

I had the same dilemma, as I wanted to get my SW Sport Hybrid on the water . I would fix the bulkheads permanently, as they are fairly structural. Then you can cut the hatches later. As the whole lot is sealed, then no water is likely to get inside at all. 

Another option I did consider was using some plastic hatches mounted in the bulkheads. This would have the advantage of leaving a very nice clear deck, but be a bit of a pain to access.

In the end the British weather was so rubbish this year I had plenty of time to get it finished before summer!

RE: Temporary Bulkhead Attachment

I think the minicell foam would be the best option for a temporary bulkhead and then can be a permenant one later with the right adhesive.

If you put a wood one in permenantly and have not cut hatches, make a small corkable hole so air can get in and out.  Otherwise the temperature changes and air pressure could literally collapse or blow out the sealed compartment.  I made a small hole in the top of the forward bulkhead and left it for the entire first summer.  Never got water in but air could get in and out.



RE: Temporary Bulkhead Attachment

Thanks folks for you answers, I might either use the minicell or just epoxy it in permanently.



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