CH 17 / 17 LT oops!!

I mistakenly have built my CH 17 to 17 LT dimensions through the point of fiberglassing the hull.  So my aft bulkhead is now about 4" off from where it should be, and the beam is 23.5" vice 24" and a little off at the location.  Am I ok to continue building with the 17 specs or do I need to adjust my plaining of the shear clamps ?  ALso will this affect the curvature of my hatch openings and covered to where i will need to adjust thier curvatures as well?  Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise the boat looks good, straight and smooth.

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RE: CH 17 / 17 LT oops!!

Certainly no structural issues, but I worry about shifting the cockpit 4 inches forward. That's the only thing I'd address. There could be tracking consequences.  Use one of those Fein Multimaster or similar Dremel tools to neatly remove the aft bulkhead and reposition it further aft.  No one will ever know. 

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