NE Dory: Sanding The Weave

I've finished epoxying and fiberglassing the outside of my NE Dory and i'm ready to move back to work in the inside of the boat.  The instructions say to finish up epoxying with 3 coats.  It has been more than thirty hours since I wetted the fiberglass on the inside, however.  Does this mean I need to sand the fiberglass/epoxy on the bottom before applying more epoxy?  I worry about sanding down the weave too much if I do this. Alternatively, if I sand too little, won't I be missing the epoxy valleys inside the weave of the fiberglass?



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RE: NE Dory: Sanding The Weave

When I did the epoxy coating on the outside of my dory last week-end, the fiberglass had been down for over a month.  I did a light sanding with 220 grit and the epoxy went down fine.  Each coat received an additional light sanding with 220, primarily to remove outgassing bubbles.  (With the mid-Atlantic heat, I had to work in the morning with temperatures rising.)  No reason the inside should be different. 

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