taller oarlocks needed

Several years back I purchased a pair of oarlocks that raised the oar an additional 3 1/2" above the standard oarlock.  They are silicon bronze and of the horn style.  Unfortunately, I can't locate the supplier I bought them from and can use any help anyone can give me.  I use a set of them on my wherry so the oars clear my legs easier when rowing, and I now have another set of oars that I built and would like to do some tandem rowing.

Any ideas where I can find something like this?  I guess I can always braze a piece of rod to extend a standard oarlock, but that's my next step!


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RE: taller oarlocks needed

Standing oarlocks?  Like these? http://duck-trap.com/hardware.html

RE: taller oarlocks needed

   Don, i have the same problem. Did you get new oarlocks? Did you get them at duck-trap? How well do the horn type work?


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