Glass on bottom. One piece or not?

I am about to glass the bottom two strakes on my wherry. The piece of fiberglass I have can not cover the full length. Is one continuous piece recommended? If multiple pieces are OK, should I butt them (to minimize the visibility of the seam) or overlap? If overlap, how much? FWIW, I will be painting the exterior. Thanks.

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RE: Glass on bottom. One piece or not?

Overlap by a few inches.  You won't see overlaps once you fill and sand, fill and sand, fill and sand, fill and sand, etc., etc.  Good luck.  Jer, mtsailor.

RE: Glass on bottom. One piece or not?

Thanks Mtsailor. Unfortunately, you've made my future come into clearer focus!

RE: Glass on bottom. One piece or not?

I like to use up scraps of cloth on the bottom. I apply two layers of 4-ounce cloth, loosely butting pieces within each layer, but overlapping the seams of the first layer with cloth of the second layer. I agree with mtsailor that when you finish, you won't know the difference. -Wes

RE: Glass on bottom. One piece or not?

I've alsways used single pieces and I don't see any overlaps, either - without all the filling and sanding.

Your whole boat is only 6 yards long so you're looking at no more than $50 for the one-piece glass, if that, since you're only covering the bottom 2 strakes. It should actually be a lot less.

Take out the cost of the epoxy, fillers, sandpaper, electricity for the sander and shopvac, gloves, mixing cups and any other expendables used to mix and apply the fille and to sand and clean up when piecing and it's even less again.

Take what's left and divide it by $7.95 (federal minimum wage) and that's the number of hours of sanding that you must not exceed, otherwise you're losing money piecing it (assuming that the pieces are free or already paid for).

I know that we're not supposed to count the cost of our labor, but just think - if you spent the time that you would have spent sanding flipping burgers at McDonald's, you'd be able to pay for the glass and have some left over:-)

A bit more seriously, life is too short to spend it sanding unnecessary joints.

Have fun,



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