blast from the past-cape charles

i am finnaly getting a chance to finish the cape charles i started a long time ago, i had the hull panels cut out and ready to stich and glue, but life got in the way, now i am looking forward to a winter of kayak building/finishing! i have the rudder kit and i am not sure how to do an end pour. any ideas? if there are any CC builders out there and would like to pass on some good advice, let if flow! i will post pix when i am done

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RE: blast from the past-cape charles

Before the deck goes on, I sit one end of the hull up on a saw horse then pour in a mix of sawdust and epoxyover the  seam on the ground. YOu don't need much and so  long as it is stuck together and sealed why add  more weight? End pours are a bit over rated I think.

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