Trolling motor on Annapolis Wherry?

Built a WD 10 hybrid a few years ago and I am getting the urge to build another boat.

I love the wherry because rowing is my thing, but I also like to fish.

Finally the question: would it be feasible to place a transom mount small (22 lb.) electric trolling motor  on the wherry's transom?  I would also need a battery.  I weigh 175 lbs.  If it's possible, this could create a formidable little fishing craft!

Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.


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RE: Trolling motor on Annapolis Wherry?


I have a 20 ft, 2 man, sliding seat, high sided, river rowing boat. I have a trolling motor on the back. I rowed this boat for 2 years without the motor and since I have added the trolling motor, I can't bear to row without it. It allows me to row in the biggest blowing winds.  see this youtube


I have a group 27 deep cycle battery for the trolling motor,and a smaller deep cycle for a harbor freight inverter leading to a set of medium quality computer speaker complete with subwoofer, which fills the boat with sound, and I run a brand new set of 16 ft flat tape, waterproof, RGB LED lights, so they change color or fade thru the colors, seen here


I say, Go Big, or go home.  No really, you should put the trolling motor on your boat, but, you will find that you can never go back.


Tom the rower

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