Repairing Bottom after river run


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I just came back from running 60 miles of the Niobrara River in Northwest Nebraska. Lots of hidden rocks and aa number of Class III rapids. As you might imagine the bottom of the boat took a beating. Most of the scratches are just into the varnish but a few of them are all the way to the fiberglass. I have a plan to cover the bottom in carbon fiber in the fall after the season is over but wanted some advice regarding what to do on a temporary basis for the remainder of the season. Does anyone out there have some advice for how to temporarily repair the spots that are cut into the fiberglass?  Would a coat of epoxy over those spots be sufficient on a temporary basis?


Any thoughts will be appreciated…




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RE: Repairing Bottom after river run

It will only take a couple of hours to sand the bottom and apply a layer of epoxy mixed 50/50 with graphite powder. This will give you excellent scratch resistence. Carbon fiber is very expensive and will not give you the abrasion protection you are seeking. -Wes

RE: Repairing Bottom after river run



Agreed. I love the way the graphte 50/50 works on the bottom of my WD.

It takes alot of abuse and just shows rub marks intead of scratches and gouges.



RE: Repairing Bottom after river run

Do you have pics. of the hull?

Here is a pic. of the graphite bottom on one of my kayaks after a year of fishing Ozark streams etc.

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