can't decide

Hi all, I am about to build my first boat. I can't decide which one, the NE dory, or the passagemaker standard. I really love the dory, but I wonder if I can load and unload it on my pickup. Has anyone build or seen a rack to sit in the bed of a pickup? And how hard is it to build? 

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RE: can't decide

Thule has some pretty good stuff. I use their goalpost in combo with a single load bar and saddles to transport my wherry on my pickup. I also use a dolly (CLC carries it) to assist moving the boat around on the ground. All that said, keep in mind the dory is about 35 lbs heavier than the wherry.

RE: can't decide

I use a Trailex trailer for my Dory so can't help you there. As far as building, the Dory is very straight forward, and relatively easy, to build. The lap-stitch hull makes aligning the panels a piece of cake. All the stitch holes are pre-drilled and the frames use tennons to align them so it's impossible to put them in the wrong place. Installing the rails is the only time a second person would be desirable but it's possible to install them singlehanded if done one at a time each side instead of both at a time. The skeg installation is also easier with a helper but can be done using a few weights as the second pair of hands. I built mine entirely by myself, the only help needed was flipping it over occasionally. At around a hundred pounds that can be done by yourself as well, just sometimes easier to ask for help.

George K

RE: can't decide

I would think that either of these boats would be difficult to maneuver on and off a car top single-handed.  One of my boats is the MC 16.5 which weights in at 65 lbs.  At that weight I can stagger around with it supported by one shoulder.  I can then put it down with the stern on the ground and the bow on the rear carrier.  I then just pick up the stern and slide it up onto the rack.  And, everytine I do it I am reminded why this boat is for sale and I am planning to replace it with an oxford shell.

If you have a dolly that can get the boat to within reach of an elevating rack of some sort, you may be able to do this.  Otherwise I recomment a trailer, a lighter boat, or a partner.  Remember, what ever you do in your driveway must be repeated at the launch site.

Best of luck, PAG

RE: can't decide

If you can build a boat, you can build a rack for your pickup.  There are plans on the web for pickup-truck racks and lot of pictures of homebuilt racks that you could adapt.  Both the Dory and the Passagemaker, built by a beginner, will tip the scales near, or a little above, 100 pounds.  If you are a big stud of a guy, lifting one of these boats up over your head, in a prudent manner, to load and unload won't be too difficult.  Help, or a device to assist you, would be much better.  If you live and boat where it can get windy, I'd think twice about loading one of these boats on top of a pickup where it can get blown off.  Even a big stud of a guy will tend to say nasty words when a 100-lb boat hits him in the head.

A trailer makes sense in another way.  You probably won't want to keep a handsome CLC boat on top of your pickup truck all the time.  And you probably shouldn't store one just sitting on the ground.  A trailer can make a nice cradle for a boat.  And since the trailer will probably weigh a little more than the boat, you can tow the whole lot (200 + lbs) with just about any car/truck made.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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